Friday, April 11, 2014

Funky Pinstripe

Hey! I have some pretty fun nails to share with you today. I had no idea where I was going with this when I first started but I'm quite pleased with where I ended up. Gradients are extremely fun and easy and since I had only done one before, and it was only on one nail, I thought I should try it again. Blue and green seemed like the perfect combination for spring so I added that on and thought of what I could do next. My first thought was stamping but after trying and getting frustrated with my lack of skill I went with stripes, using striping tape I cut myself. I actually don't have any striping tape and am not really allowed to get anything online so I've been at a lost, until I found some at Ricky's but unfortunately it was overpriced and I'm usually broke so I rather save my money.

I also struggled with what color to make the stripes and ruled out dark colors since I wanted my nails to scream bright and colorful. I ended up having to make my choice between pink and purple and decided to go with a warmer toned color since the other two are more on the cool side. It may just be me but these remind me of easter and something I would attempt to create on an easter egg so I am counting this as my first Easter mani but don't worry, there will be more coming soon.

At first I wasn't too pleased with the results but after wearing them for awhile and getting complimented by my family after a family gathering, I started to appreciate them although I know a little more practice won't hurt. Also since they're such fun colors I can't stop looking at my nails, it's so eye catching and I want to continue with the theme of bright manicures this spring.

(Pink) Avon - Strawberry
(Green) Prevail - Rooftop Bar
(Blue) Pop Beauty Nail Glam - Mint Magic

And below is a bonus shot of my plain gradient nails that my friends absolutely loved. Just me brushing my hair behind my ear had everyone grabbing my hand saying, "ooooo that's really nice! how did you do that?" I'm sure the main reason why is how bright this is and how it actually looks pretty good with my skin tone. Gradients will probably become frequently requested from my friends when they ask me to do their nails but hey, at least it's more practice.

Until next time, PEACE!


  1. Really love the colours you chose for the gradient!

    1. Thanks! I spent like an hour choosing between 5 combinations haha