Saturday, April 19, 2014

30 Day Challenge: Studs

I was really excited about today's theme because I imagined a really fun and elaborate stud manicure but unfortunately I don't have the kind of studs I wanted or nearly enough of the kind I do have. I currently only have a small wheel of studs from Forever 21 so I made do with that. I hope I can beef up my collection in the near future because I have so many fun stud manicures in my head that I so desperately want to bring to life. This manicure only has one studs but it fits the requirement for today's theme. I went with a simpler style of mix and match nails, which I hope you enjoy!

I admit this isn't the most creative design out there but I was lacking some creativity and quite distracted watching reruns of Psych, I'm sorry but it's an obsession. Any who, let's get back to the design. I decided to go with a blue and green color scheme because I feel that I haven't done a cool toned manicure in awhile and I love my cool tones so I must show them some attention.

(Green) Prevail - Rooftop Bar
(Blue) Brucci - Gianna's Rockin' Blue
(Silver Glitter) Sinful Colors - Queen of Beauty
(Black) Wet n Wild Wild Shine - Black Creme
(Textured Black) Sally Hansen Sugar Coat - Lick - O - Rich

Looking back I wish I spent more time thinking up a design because I wanted this to be a more edgy style nail design. Hopefully the next time I attempt a stud mani, it will be so ridiculously amazing and out of the box! Fingers crossed...

And here's a look at the stud wheel I got from Forever 21. I did get this awhile back in one of their stores, and I have not been able to find it online, sorry!

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Until next time, PEACE!