Friday, April 18, 2014

30 Day Challenge: Primary Colors

Hi all! The theme today is primary colors and my mind  was set on doing a de stijil inspired mani since I've been wanting to do it after a class discussion in my seminar class where our teacher showed us that "artistic movement." I was crunched for time so I went with something more simple and decided to leave my other mani for another time. I'm not really sure what to call these but they kind of remind me of a beach ball. I actually have two versions of these nails, one with black and one without. I asked my brother, A.J., to choose which he liked better and he said the one with black so the pictures will be focused on that mani but there are pictures without black at the end of the post.

I created this manicure by painting my nails white with Wet n Wild Wild Shine in White Creme and waited for that to completely dry. While I waited for them to dry I actually went out and got some new nail polishes so be sure to look out for swatches soon! Once they were dry I added the triangle shapes using nail art stripes, starting with the middle color then moving on the one of the side colors. I let that dry a bit then added the black outlining stripes with a black nail art stripper. Not including drying time, this look took about 5 minutes to create and I'm a sucker for fast and easy nail art.

While taking pictures of my nails for this post I noticed that I could change the colors and completely alter the type of mani this is. This is true for a lot of nail art designs but I can see a more dramatic difference in this one if I were to use pinks, oranges, yellows and red to create sunset rays, which I will attempt at a later date.

Pictures without black outline:

Which do you prefer?

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Until next time, PEACE!