About Me

My name is Yeliza, I am 17 years old from New York. I have a couple obsessions besides nails, which include but are not limited to, superheroes, boy bands, many male celebrities, chick flicks, horror movies, and Instagram. I’ve always been into artsy type of things, I really liked to draw and do any type of crafts when I was younger and the same is true now, it’s just that instead of drawing on paper I do it on my nails. I don’t really remember what sparked my interest in nail art but I am so happy that I somehow stumbled upon it because I cannot imagine not being obsessed with nail polish. I’d say that I am not the most unique with my fashion sense and my nails help me feel like I am unique, painted nails help me feel more put together. 

I really want to share my work with others who are interested because I hope to inspire people the way some bloggers have inspired me. I paint my friends nails mostly because I get into these moods where I really want to do nails but I just finished a mani the day before and don’t want to take it off so quickly. One of my little brothers is actually a huge help when it comes to my nails because he helps me decide what color to paint and he tells me whether he likes my mini creations or not, he’s only 5 but he’s an honest little guy. 

I’ve been asked if I want to pursue a career as a nail tech and although it sounds fun I think of this as more of a hobby. I'm just trying to learn more, I'm nowhere near perfect but with every manicure I'm trying to get closer to it ;)


  1. Hi Yeliza!
    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can find out about the award over on my blog at http://overthetopcoat.blogspot.com/2013/08/leibster-award-nomination.html
    Thanks :)

    1. Omg! Thank you! I'm working on my post now and hopefully it will be up by tonight :)