Sunday, April 20, 2014

30 Day Challenge: Splatter Paint

Woohoo platter! I love splatter nail art because it is such a fun look and so easy to do, not to mention it takes just a few minutes to complete. For this design I went with a neutral base and bright colors for the splatter. I'm 99% sure I saw this color combination for splatter nails somewhere on the interwebs but I'm not positive where.

I started off my taping off the skin around my nail so I would have less to clean up once I finished my design. Once my base was dried I dipped a straw into my first color, which was green and blew away until I got my desired effect. Next I splattered some hot pink and lastly black. I'm so happy I taped off most of the splatter zone area because it would not have been fun to remove!

(Green) Klean Color - Bikini Green
(Pink) China Glaze - Shocking Pink
(Gray Toned Nude) X Formula  - Thrilling
(Black) Wet n Wild Wild Shine - Black Creme

I was actually really surprised at how much I loved the finished product. I thought the colors worked so well together and it was bright while still being a touch subdued. Everyone who saw it had such nice things to say and I felt so proud although I know it was so simple to do. I forgot just how much I love splatter nails and I have so many different color combinations that I want to try now! I would not be surprised if I did one splatter mani for every month! Don't judge me...

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Until next time, PEACE!