Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wet n Wild Tropicalia Swatch

I've been swatching some polishes lately although my broken nail on my pointer finger has been driving me insane, I've decided to ignore it. This is the Wet n Wild Megalast Tropicalia and this is part of their main line. I love this color and it is an absolutely gorgeous that's perfect for summer. I have been trying to hang on to the summer days for as long as I can because once fall rolls around I love to wear darker and more neutral colors and rarely do I wear bright preppy colors but I do have my moods where I decide to go bright and cheery.

I used two coats to reach opacity with no topcoat. I have run out of my Seche Vite and my Sally Hansen Insta Dri top coat so I haven't been adding top coat to my nails. I will go on the hunt soon but I'm not sure which to get.

This is a pinky coral creme that I've had hidden in my shelf for about three or so months now and only wore it once on my toes, I loved it then and I am so happy it has finally made it's way up to my fingernails. 

It really stands out when the sun hits it but can be a bit more reddish with lower lighting, either way it looks great.

I also found that this was really easy to apply but I have mentioned before that the wide brush that this nail polish comes with has proven to be a hit or miss for me. It can be really great in some instances but a mess other times, it really depends on how careful I am when applying.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge - Hot

What exactly does hot mean? I'm not to sure. At first I thought the idea was to represent something that is hot on your nails like a fire or something of that nature but then I thought of hot as a new trend that has gained a lot of traction. I wasn't sure which interpretation to go with so I made the easy choice and decided on both!

Orange Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Sunkissed
Red Orange Essie - Come Here
White Wet n Wild 

Halfmoon, Watercolor, "Chevron," Leopard, and Stripes are some of the hottest trends I could think of. I wanted each nail to have the same three colors that represented heat in my eyes. When I think of hot I think of fire and the first colors to come to min are red, orange and yellow. I decided to knock yellow out of the equation and added white.

My middle finger isn't actually chevron since my craft scissors were giving some issues, I went with scalloped instead. I actually really like each nail and two out of the five are something I've never tried before so I really enjoyed trying something new. I do have a favoreite though and that's the leopard print,I just think it really stands out and looks really nice, one of the best leopard prints I've done.

Mish Mash Challenge - Music

Last week's challenge was music and I think that it can be interpreted in many ways. Anything that has to deal with music goes and that means there are going to be some designs that are truly unique. I decided to base my manicure on one song/artist. I was planning on doing it based on IM5's song called Superman but after 2 failed attempts I decided to just change the song I was planning on using. I decided on It's A Beautiful Day by Michael Buble.

Thumb - Canadian Flag
Pointer - CD
Middle - Tuxedo 
Ring - Beautiful Day 
Pinky - "This fire inside, it burns too bright"

I just wanted to explain each nail although it's probably self explanatory. Michael Buble is Canadian, I also want to apologize for my flag, I'm going to need to practice that haha. Since he has sold so many records I thought I'd put a CD on my pointer. I also added a tuxedo since most of the performances I have watched he was wearing a tux or suit. Unfortunately when I added my topcoat the bow tie and buttons smeared a bit. I also did a cartoon version of a beautiful day for the title of the song and last but not least, my pinky is representing a line in the song, "This fire inside, it burns too bright."

I'm so happy that I got this done! It's been bothering me since it's not late because I haven't had a chance to complete it but because I couldn't execute the design I had planned. The good news is that I can make sure that all my other manicures are on time.

Monday, September 2, 2013

It's Always Greener On The Other Side

After my failed attempts at trying to do my music manicure for the Mish Mash Challenge I decided to just do something that wouldn't fail me, a tape manicure. I actually wasn't sure what I was going to do after I painted my base but while I was watching Big Brother I saw that one of the players, Spencer, was wearing a sweater the same color of my nails and a shirt the color of one of my polishes. I decided to use them together and since only a triangle worth of his shirt was showing I thought of taking it literal and doing a tri-accent but I've already done that, I wanted something a bit different and this happened.

Green Avon Speed Dry- Turquoise Pop
Green Yellow Avon Speed Dry- Inspire

I'm actually really bad at getting things to be the same size just by looking at it so to make sure that it was all even I used reinforcement labels and put them on my nails as if I was going to do a halfmoon manicure. Afterward, I cut a piece of tape and put it right above the highest part of the reinforcement sticker and viola!

My Inspiration:

I promise I'll get my music manicure up sometime soon and I hope that it will be the last time that I put up a post late. Since I haven't been so great about keeping up with the last two challenges I have been trying to swatch some of my polishes so that I can post them while I wait for the next theme of the challenge so please don't hate me!