Saturday, April 19, 2014

30 Day Challenge: Tape Mani

Hey everybody! Today's theme is tape manicure and I just want to start off this post by saying, I LOVE how these came out! I started off my painting my navy blue base and then debated on which color to make the stars. I was originally planning on adding some sparkle and making the stars white but then I thought I should have fun with this design and add a pop of color. Naturally I couldn't decide whether to go with coral or lime green and thanks to my brother A.J, I decided on green.

As I painted my nails I noticed they looked a lot like the glow in dark stars a lot of kids have on their bedroom ceiling, myself included although I no longer do, what a bummer. Unfortunately they don't actually glow in the dark since I know I can't replicate the same lines with my brush but they give the impression of glowing with their brightness and that's close enough. But I promise if one of my friends decide they want this on their nails I'll try to make sure they glow in the dark.

This isn't the best tape mani ever since the lines aren't as clean as they could be but hey I'm only human.    I achieved this look by putting some painter's tape on parchment paper and using my star shaped hole punch to make the shapes onto the tape. The reason I use parchment paper is so that it makes cutting the shapes a hundred times easier. Once I got my stars cut out I take the tape off the parchment paper and place them on my nails and paint the star color over, in this case green. While the paint is still wet I carefully take the tape off at an angle so that I can get the cleanest lines possible. Of course it doesn't always come out perfect so when my stars look a bit wonky I use a small brush with some polish and fix them up as best I can. Hope that helps if you maybe had any questions.

(Navy Blue) Sinful Colors - New Wave
(Green) Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Perfect Pear-ing

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