Saturday, April 19, 2014

30 Day Challenge: Negative Space

Hey! So I knew what I wanted to do for today's theme for quite some time. My boyfriend is known for constantly changing his hair color. He started in September and has been through seven colors, technically ten. He started off with bleach blonde which he then turned to white and later turned to a very light gray, he then went red (which turned pink), blue (which turned purple), yellow green and a bit of blue (which inspired this manicure) and lastly teal (which has been turning green). In his second to last color change, the yellow green) he went with something even more over the top. For the first time he went to the stylist to get his hair dyed and said she could do whatever she pleased with his hair and she definitely did! Not only did she make his hair an array of colors she put a design on the back of his head! While I have gotten used to his ever-changing hair color I was not ready for his new hair cut. I was not a fan of it but I did think it would work in a nail design.

This is the end result. I tried to replicate the design on his head on my middle two fingers but I went off memory and didn't get it quite right. I must admit I'm not that proud of this manicure but I'm paying tribute to someone I care about haha.

The negative space is the design and the only reason I used a sheer nail polish bases (Essie's Sugar Daddy) instead of my natural nail is because I didn't have a base coat nail polish for months and there has been some major staining on my digits. Hopefully you enjoyed this post and maybe you'll now be inspired by the funky hair styles you come in contact with.

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Until next time, PEACE!

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