Friday, April 18, 2014

30 Day Challenge: Complementary Colors

Hey all! Today's theme for the 30 Day Challenge is complementary colors and I decided to go with yellow and purple since I found it the most challenging combination to work with and I was feeling up to it. I had a couple of designs in mind but I went with a leopard print since I felt like channeling my inner Chalkboard Nails.

I wish I didn't rush through this mani or decide to try and watch the television at the same time because they didn't come out as neat as I wanted. If I had more time I would have redone them to meet my standards but I'm playing catch up and have no time to lose when it comes to doing my nails.

(Yellow) Avon - Sunshine
(Purple) Mattese Elite - Pucci-Licious
(Black) Wet n Wild Wild Shine - Black Creme

Also I really like these colors together, it may just be me but I always thought yellow and purple looked kind of odd together. It may be because there is black added to the mix so it doesn't seem as weird to me but I'm not sure. Either way, I think it's awesome!

I do have a favorite nail so I thought I would give it a solo shot since it is the only one I'm really proud of. I really like leopard print nails since they are so fun and simple but don't do them often because I want to keep things interesting and different. Since I do have a special place in my heart for this type of design it should be fine if I add a leopard print manicure here and there, right?

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Until next time, PEACE!

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