Sunday, July 21, 2013

NK Amarillo Swatch

I'm continuing on with my summer manicures and I'm really excited about this color. To everyone else it's probably not that exciting and just an ordinary yellow but that's not the case! Well kind of...the reason I'm so happy is because yellow NEVER looks good on me! I'm too pale to pull it off, it makes me look sick. Thanks to the summer sun for giving me some color because it finally looks nice on me, it's bright and vibrant, the way its supposed to look. I bought this a pretty long time ago and I usually don't see the NK brand in drugstores but I do see them in about every beauty suppy I go to, I believe they're a dollar but don't quote me on that! 

This is two coats and since I am a bit more than halfway through the bottle and it's more than a year old, application wasn't the greatest but it was still really workable. It is a typical canary yellow color, bright, playful and perfect for the season. 

No matter the lighting, the color always stands out, this is my go to yellow for my nail art, since I'm running a bit low I think I'll be testing out my other yellows to see how they compare to this one.

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