Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nail Nubs!

This past weekend I've been thinking of cutting my nails since they were getting too long for my liking. I was considering trying round nails for a change to see if it would give me the change I was looking for. After trying to round my nails evenly I got frustrated and cut them back down to squares. Unfortunately I cut them too short on my left hand. The nails on my right hand are a bit longer, the only problem is I do nail art on my left hand. I usually do a solid color or a simpler version of my designs on my right hand. I really don't like the length of my left hand right now so I'm holding back on trying any nail art for a bit but for the sake of this blog and my need to do my nails all the time I'm going to attempt some nail art on my right hand. I may end up just swatching a lot of my polishes but we'll see what happens.

This is the current length of my right hand, this is what I tried to get on my left hand but unfortunately went a bit too crazy with the nail clippers and nail file, oops!

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