Monday, April 1, 2013

Geometric Nails + Tutorial

I'm not sure where this design came from, I was just bored in SAT prep classes and began to think of designs and this just happened. I wanted basic colors which is why I chose red, yellow and blue. I like it because it catches my eye every time I look down towards my nails and also gets the attention of passerby's who just see bright colors and want to see what exactly is going on.

Yellow NK - Amarillo
Red Essie - She's Pampered
White NYC Expert Last - White Mania 
Blue Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Pacific Blue
Black Nail Art Striper

I started by painting my nails white so that the middle of each nail will be a white triangle and so that all the colors will look brighter and stand out more. 

Once the white dried completely (and I do mean COMPLETELY) cut a piece of tape that will fit over your nail. Put the tape on the back of your hand to take away some of the stickiness it has so it doesn't lift the white polish. Place the tape over your nail leaving a space where you will paint the desired color. 

Once you place the tape onto all of your nails paint them what ever color you want. While they are still wet take off the tape while trying not to mess up the freshly painted colors. It's okay if it's not perfect since we will be going over it with the striper.

Wait for them to dry before you add more tape and paint the next color. Trying to make each nail a bit different. 

Once again wait for the colors to dry and add the last section of color onto the nails.

I didn't worry about being neat just because I knew once I washed my hands the excess polish will come right off. After they dried I added the lines with the black striper to make the lines look straighter and clean up the entire design. 

I got a bit of black on the red of my ring finger but just covered it up with a bit more red polish and although it's not flawless no one mentioned it while I wore this manicure so I'm hoping it wasn't very noticeable. If you made a mess of your cuticles like I did just make sure to clean it up and enjoy your design!

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