Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blue Tri-Accents

There is a youtube channel that I watch quite a bit and she has this signature manicure that she calls tri-accent nails. Leigh Ann is a beauty guru and her videos are amazing! Click on her name to see her tutorial on how to achieve this simple yet beautiful nail art design. I decided to do all blue since I had recently gotten two blue colors, a light baby blue and a blue glitter. They are both really pretty and I like the way blue looks on my nails.

Baby Blue Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Breezy Blue
Dark Blue Sally Hansen Insta Dri - Cobalt Blue
Blue Glitter Milani - Blue Flash
White NYC Expert Last - White Mania

I really loved this manicure, mostly because it looked so clean and the light blue really stood out to me. I also found the blue glitter to be absolutely stunning over the dark blue. I will do another manicure with this color combo sometime soon since I love it so much. 
This is what the manicure looks like without the glitter. I think it still looks nice but the glitter really helped make it pop. Indoors the light blue doesn't seem to really stand out but with the sun it is easier to see the gorgeous blue color. The base color is really sheer so I actually put a coat of white underneath to save some time on layering and make the color more opaque and brighter.

I hope you try this design! 

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