Sunday, March 31, 2013

Metallic Half Moon Manicure

I admit this isn't my best half moon manicure but I really love the color combination. I had just bought Essie Bahama Mama and thought how perfect it would look with gold, after debating with myself for a bit I thought I should do half moons since I haven't done them in awhile. I'm going to do another one soon enough so I can hopefully get the same sized half moons and with more vibrant colors!

Gold H&M - 70s Boho
Gold Fine Glitter Wet n Wild - Gold & the Beautiful
Deep Plum Essie - Bahama Mama

I know there is another technique for doing half moons but I just use reinforcers labels to get the job done. If you haven't done this manicure before I have a tip for you. Make sure your base color is dry before you put the reinforcement because if it isn't when you take it off the nail polish will just come right off! And another thing after you put the second color on, in my case Bahama Mama, take off the reinforcements right away pulling away from the edge of the curve at an angle to get the cleanest line. Once you finished all your nails wait until they dry and add top coat to seal your design and your nail art is done!

(please excuse the dry cuticles!)

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