Sunday, July 3, 2016

Beach Vibes

I've been feeling the summer spirit lately. Even though it is already August, I have yet to make it to the beach and my legs surely show it, I could blind someone with how white they are. Since I haven't made the full effort to go to the beach, I decided putting the beach on my nails would be the next best thing!

I couldn't think of what to do for sand except maybe using a textured beige polish but unfortunately I don't have one in my collection (...yet). I remembered that Sarah from Chalkboard nails had a tutorial for beach nails and decided to follow that for this design. 

I only have to slight differences from hers. The first being that I used the hairspray method to create the waves instead of using a white stripper polish. The second is that I didn't paint on a starfish. At first I worried it would be to bland but after wearing it for a bit and taking the photos, I've grown to love it.

For the sand I used Essie's Case Study and mixed it with white to create a lighter variation of the base polish, black for a darker shade, and Sinful Colors' Creamsicle with some white to create a light pinky beige color. For the water I used Sally Extreme Wear in White On and Wet n Wild Mega Last in I Need A Refresh-Mint and used White On again to create the waves.

I'm really happy with how these turned out! If you like it too, please let me know. I'd love to read your opinions.