Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge - Music

Last week's challenge was music and I think that it can be interpreted in many ways. Anything that has to deal with music goes and that means there are going to be some designs that are truly unique. I decided to base my manicure on one song/artist. I was planning on doing it based on IM5's song called Superman but after 2 failed attempts I decided to just change the song I was planning on using. I decided on It's A Beautiful Day by Michael Buble.

Thumb - Canadian Flag
Pointer - CD
Middle - Tuxedo 
Ring - Beautiful Day 
Pinky - "This fire inside, it burns too bright"

I just wanted to explain each nail although it's probably self explanatory. Michael Buble is Canadian, I also want to apologize for my flag, I'm going to need to practice that haha. Since he has sold so many records I thought I'd put a CD on my pointer. I also added a tuxedo since most of the performances I have watched he was wearing a tux or suit. Unfortunately when I added my topcoat the bow tie and buttons smeared a bit. I also did a cartoon version of a beautiful day for the title of the song and last but not least, my pinky is representing a line in the song, "This fire inside, it burns too bright."

I'm so happy that I got this done! It's been bothering me since it's not late because I haven't had a chance to complete it but because I couldn't execute the design I had planned. The good news is that I can make sure that all my other manicures are on time.

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