Friday, June 14, 2013

Avon Strawberry Swatch

My cousin has gotten me a significant amount of nail polish a while back and has been very nice about helping my addiction. A lot of the polishes she as gotten/given to me are from Avon and they're all great colors. I've tried a some of them in a couple of designs before but I do want to try and swatch all of them individually. This is Strawberry by Avon and let me just say, I love it! I really like the way pinks and blues look with my skin tone and this is no exception.

It is a medium fushia, it isn't so bright that it is so in your face but it has some pop that gets your attention. The formula was really great and was completely opaque in two coats. I think it's such a gorgeous color and it has now become my go to darker pink color.

This is when the sun is streaming in from the window. The color is especially bright looking here and can definitely catch someone's attention. 

I was blocking the light with my body, casting a shadow over my nails. It looks a bit more red indoors and with low lighting. 

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